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WARNING! What Every Facebook User Should Know About the Latest Scam

The screenshot below is taken from the notifications section of our company's Facebook page. Take a look and then read the article below for more information on this scam.

This came up in the notifications section of our business Facebook page. It struck me odd because our business has been around since 1996 We've had that page forever, so I knew something wasn't right. Below is an excerpt from a Better Business Bureau (BBB) article on the scam:

"Another version of this Facebook phishing scam targets Facebook business pages with a threat to deactivate the account due to a Terms of Service or Community Standard violation. The message appears to come from Meta Business Support and requires the administrator to confirm the account by clicking a link, or it will be permanently deleted.

If you click the link, you’ll likely be taken to an official-looking page and prompted to complete a form to appeal the policy violation. You’ll be asked for your login email, phone number, name, and other details. The page will ask you to confirm your password when you hit submit. If you do, scammers will have all the information they need to hack your account."

WATCH OUT! I googled this scam to find out more information. HOWEVER, scammers often post thousands of fake news articles stating that what you see is not a scam because they know people like me will try to verify the post/notice they received.

So how are you supposed to know the difference? What's fake and what's real? Well, I'm not going to lie. Sometimes it's just downright hard to tell. I felt comfortable with this information because it was found on the BBB website. I went directly to the BBB site after seeing it on Google just to be sure that the article was not a fake. The best way to verify a notification like the one I received is to go to the Facebook Admin page and look for information stating there is a problem.

I hope you found this information valuable. If you're interested in teaching your employees how to avoid malicious scams like these, call us. We can help. 901.685.3004

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